The Ice Woman Assignment


Stark & O’Brien take on a Colombian drug cartel.

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Morgan Stark, a retired mercenary soldier and Felicity O’Brien, a retired jewel thief operate a security business. Stark and O’Brien have a special gift, a psychic link that alerts them to danger. Their newest case involves a drug called Ice and a Columbian group known as the Escorpionistas. The leader of the Escorpioistas, a woman known as Anaconda, has a secret weapon: clairvoyant brothers who are able to alert her of the threat that Stark and O’Brien will pose before it happens. After one of Anaconda’s psychics escapes her control, the heroes dodge killers from California to Texas while following the clues that lead to discovering how the Ice is getting into the United States. The battle intensifies as Stark and O’Brien take the battle to Colombia where they face the killers head on and risk their own lives trying to find answers.