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Two of these stories are available for sale as ebooks exclusively in this boxed set.

Nine great crime stories to keep you up at night. Nine ways to be thrilled by nine award-winning and acclaimed crime fiction authors!

Get to know each author and solve the mystery with their sleuths.

Titles inclue the following crime fiction books by award-winning and notable authors interviewed on the Crime Cafe podcast:

RUSSIAN ROULETTE by Austin Camacho
AN ALL-CONSUMING FIRE by Donna Fletcher Crow
SAVAGE NIGHTS by W.D. Gagliani
A MEMORY OF GRIEF by Dale T. Phillips
NO GAME FOR A DAME by M. Ruth Myers
GLASS EYE by Ben Sobieck
GYPSY’S KISS by Jim Winter
23 SHADES OF BLACK by Kenneth Wishnia
WAIST DEEP by Frank Zafiro

Bonus interviews with the authors included.


Creatures Crimes & Creativity 2013 AnthologyOn September 13-15, 2013, the first Creatures, Crimes and Creativity Conference was held in Baltimore, Maryland. The C3 conference is an annual cross-genre fiction event for both authors and fans. Many of the writers who attended the 2013 conference contributed these examples of their art. The print edition of this anthology is not for sale anywhere. It was a special gift to those who were there at the historical 2013 C3 Conference!

This ebook version of that anthology is for both your enjoyment and to offer you a sample of the type of talent you can meet at next year’s conference.


Young Adventurers - Heroes, Explorers & SwashbucklersThe heroes and heroines featured in this anthology of action, adventure, and intrigue stories prove that you do not have to be a grownup to save the day. This collection includes exciting tales such as a teenage spy who is trapped on a train with men who want to kill her, a young man that earns his pay by floating in a hot air balloon in order to hunt dragons, and a girl who talks to wolves in a frightening dystopian future. Set in the past, the present, the future, and in fantastical worlds, these stories are sure to keep readers on the edge of their seat.



Successfully Marketing Your Novel In the 21st CenturyThe rise of eBooks, loss of bookstores, disappearance of the big publishers’ mid lists, improvements in self-publishing technology and the advent of social media have turned the book business on its head. One thing has remained the same. Novels must be promoted and marketed if an audience is to find them. Although it has never been easier to get a book published, it has also never been harder to get a book sold. Providing guidelines on how to drive book sales to a whole new level, this up-to-date book is crammed with tips and tricks of the book trade gathered from the authors’ own experiences as an author.